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Some Kind Words from Our Residents' Families

Testimonial provided by Elise Papazian (daughter of Rev. Fr. Diran Papazian)

My story is not only important because it is mine, but chances are you will also recognize it in many ways to also be yours. There comes a time in many “children’s” lives when a vital decision needs to be made regarding aging parents/loved ones and their move into an assisted living facility. Quite honestly in many cases, such a move can be stressful enough and the realization of this move may possibly be a “final dwelling” for parents/loved ones. One can only pray they find a place that is full of wonderful people, a caring staff, a family environment, a safe haven and a home away from home feeling. I found a place for my father at Manoogian Manor in Livonia, MI.

My dad, Reverend Fr. Diran Papazian , a retired Armenian Priest, lived his last 14 months of his incredible life (three months shy of 99 yo) residing at Manoogian Manor.  Extremely social, dad also enjoyed much else Manoogian Manor offered, Meeting and greetings others, prayer services, outings, musical performances, tasty menu of meals and the serene beauty of the lovely, manicured grounds.  My dad also received many visitors and often remarked how pleased he was in how the Manor respected the residents and their comfort of personal space.

With the multitude of memorable happy moments spent with my day, a particular one that will remain a top favorite of mine… (& I believe my dad’s as well) sitting in front of the outside water fall watching the wildlife “live life” (a coined motto of dad’s) he would often serenade me with his versions of “Sunshine on my Shoulders” then hold my hand, look at me and say “Thank you, my daughter. I came to the right place at the right time in my life. I am blessed.  Alex Manoogian should be resting in peace knowing his benevolent vision thrives in fruition and will always to do so if this institution continues to remember love and kindness in all its forms… God bless each of us.”

–Thank you, Elise Papazian

“Trust” This is the first thought that enters your mind when selecting the best care for your loved one.

Our family was faced with this choice for our mother when we decided we couldn’t do it all by ourselves. After touring other facilities, the one thing that stood out at Manoogian Manor while touring was the compassion that was displayed by the staff to its residence. After years of care our mother received at Manoogian, we never once regretted our decision to put our “trust” in the administration and staff of Manoogian. We have great memories of our visits and time spent with mom and some of her friends, especially during the social hours, watching her tapping her toe and singing along, assured us all she was in her happy place… What more could we ask for?

–The Family of Lillian Masropian

To the staff at Manoogian Manor. My mother was a  resident at Manoogian Manor  for five plus years. This facility is extremely well managed. The staff is professional, but also caring and  compassionate. The administrative staff bent over backwards to meet my mother’s needs. I certainly can’t thank you enough for the care that was provided for my mother Margaret.

–Sincerely, Diane

I’m not sure how we can thank you and your beloved staff for how much love, patience and care they have shown to Ron (and Hershey and me).

We have had some insight for what you do for only one of your residents (+ their family) and when we multiply that by the 47 (or so) others you care for, we have deep admiration for what you do daily.

When I picked Ron up for dialysis this morning, he was more cheerful, talkative and content than any of the other times I’ve seen him in the last 2 weeks. When I asked Kim what she did to turn him around so quickly, I concluded it was genuine care (no medication, no magic, no long speeches); she simply gave him a cool cloth for his head and rubbed his back to sooth him (I’m tearing up again just typing this)… it wasn’t long before he told her he would be ready and waiting for me at the front door. I believe the compassion she gave Ron subdued his fears of dialysis today and even sparked hope and courage in him. Now, how can we ever say “thank you” for that?

Hershey and I are convinced that the people at Manoogian Manor are a gift from God! Our cups overflow and we are so grateful!

Most Sincerely,
Amy Card (for Hershey also)

A Home for Catherine

Catherine joined our Manoogian community nearly six years ago. Now ninety-six years of age, she is very happy with the decision she and her family made. Her daughter, Patty, recalls Manoogian was recommended by staff at the rehab facility where her mother was recovering after an illness. After touring Manoogian and speaking to workers, who had been employed for years, she was convinced it was the right place for her mother.

Patty is thrilled with the way her mom has thrived. Catherine participates in activities like, Bingo, card games, and crafts and enjoys live performances and outings. Her family agrees the care Catherine receives is excellent as are the dining choices, physical therapy, and medical services.

Catherine’s family enjoys giving back as well. Patty volunteered with many activities and field trips and is a tremendous aid to our Activities Director, Marcie Woodard. In addition to attending our recent fundraiser, A Toast to the Vine, Patty and her husband donated a beautiful grandfather clock that now graces our front parlor and chimes the hour.

Perhaps most important to Catherine’s family is the support they receive from Manoogian staff. As Patty recently noted, after thanking a staff member for the care she provided to Catherine and answering all of Patty’s questions, the staff person simply smiled and replied: “We are family.” This exchange confirmed what Patty already knew—her mom has found the right home and gained an extended family.

Our mom/grandma/great-grandma found it difficult to be in her home alone and we knew it was time for her to go into assisted living. We chose Manoogian and she could not have been happier! The staff is wonderful, very caring and all of us, not just our mom, became a member of a new family. Carla is an amazing director who listens and works hard to improve the lives of the residents. Manoogian became our mom’s “home” as she referred to it on more than one occasion. And when she suffered a massive stroke, these wonderful people, very lovingly, cared for her in her final moments in her “home”. We are so thankful to the Manoogian Manor for everything!

Family of Isabel

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