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Assisted Living for Seniors

When selecting an assisted living community, let love be your guide and let Manoogian Manor be your destination. At Manoogian Manor, we welcome your loved ones and care for them each day with respect and dignity.

At Manoogian Manor, we allow our residents to enjoy their daily lives without the worry of who will be there when they need assistance. Our trained and caring staff will always be there for you and your loved one.

Son with Mom in Assisted Living at Manoogian Manor

Fully licensed by the State of Michigan, Manoogian Manor is a nonprofit home to up to sixty residents, providing assisted living and individualized personal care services. These personal care services include: meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, housekeeping and laundry.

Amenities we offer with our assisted living

Our residents enjoy a wide variety of amenities and activities while also receiving the care they need daily.

Active Lifestyle

Residents are encouraged to maintain active lifestyles with daily exercise opportunities and outings to restaurants, community events, parks, museums, the library and historical sites. With our special wheelchair accommodating van, we ensure that everyone can enjoy these fun excursions.

Group arts and crafts at Manoogian Manor
Engaging Community

Our residents enjoy home-cooked meals, a variety of daily activities to choose from and regularly scheduled entertainment. Manoogian Manor also hosts Friday night movies, “Hot Topics” discussion groups, holiday parties and social events. Best of all, Manoogian Manor treats your loved one like family.

Manoogian manor assisted living residents enjoy:

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