Manoogian Manor Assisted Living in Livonia, MI

Activities for mind, body, and spirit.

When we think of wellness, we naturally think of our health  and being free from illness. However, it’s also about living an enjoyable life full of fun and excitement. That’s the goal of our wellness program for our  residents.

From arts, crafts, and game, to exciting onsite events, fun outings, and inhouse worship, Manoogian Manor offers out residents the life they want.

Our residents have plenty of healthy lifestyle options and regularly engage in activities that give you a sense of well-being and support whole body and brain fitness.

Did you know...

Each month, our residents are offered a blend of activities and outings that enrich the body, mind, and spirit.

Arts, Crafts, Games & Fun

Keeping young is all about keeping your mind active. We bring our residents together for art classes, crafting, games, and other fun with friends and staff to keep their minds sharp and active.

Group arts and crafts at Manoogian Manor
Weekly Mass at Manoogian Manor

Faith & Harmony

Faith is a large part of the Manoogian Manor background and philosophy. We offer weekly mass service for our residents to ensure they stay connected with their faith.

Beauty / Barber Shop

At Manoogian Manor, we know that when you look good, you feel good. Because of that, we have an onsite beauty salon / barbershop to keep our residents trimmed and stylish. Our full-service Beauty Shop is open weekly and staffed by our licensed beauticians.

Manoogian Manor Beauty Shop / Barbershop
Hospitality Suite at Manoogian Manor

Hospitality Suite

Don't feel disconnected with your family while they're in our care. At Manoogian Manor, we offer a private space / room that you can reserve for family events such as birthdays, holidays, celebrations, dinners, games, and more. It even has a private bathroom for your loved one and guests to use.

Exciting Events

Our residents get to enjoy exciting events right at home. We regularly host events for our residents and their family members to get outside and enjoy beautiful weather.

Fun Outings

Why stay inside everyday? With a custom van that lets our residents travel in comfort, we take our residents on outings to restaurants, plays, shopping, and other activities.

Weekly Schedule

Our residents are given plenty of options to stay active and busy every week. While most of these events are for our residents only, many are open to our residents' families as well.

Manoogian Manor Home for the Armenian Aged Weekly Schedule