Room Rates

Large Private/Double Bay/Full Bath $4,425.00
Large Private/Full Bath $4,070.00
Large Private/Half Bath $3,450.00
Small Private/Half Bath $3,325.00
Semi-Private/Half Bath $2,915.00
Shared (3) Bed/Full Bath $2,800.00

The above rates include:


Code Alert fee $50.00/month
Incontinence Care $450.00/month
AM/PM Care - help with dressing in the a.m. & p.m.
(15 min. a.m. & 15 min. p.m.)
Transportation service to & from dining room $150.00/month
Feeding $150.00/month
Total Care (all the above: Incontinence, am/pm, transportation, feeding) $1050.00/month
Additional Shower $10.00/shower

Our experienced staff is here to help you in any way we can. You may request information online or contact us at 734-522-5780.

Seta Arslanian - Marketing & Admissions Director

Rosemarie Arakelian - Administrator

Stephanie Dallakian - Assistant Administrator